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FineDine has many features that help increase revenue and improve the dining experience for your guests. Utilize FineDine’s features to maximize your revenue!

Increase sales with FineDine

  • Cross-sell on your menu

FineDine has a built-in feature that allows users to display recommendations and pairings, helping you increase sales by 20%! Pair side dishes and drinks with main courses or offer desserts to make sure that your guests know all possible options. Guests can directly select the pairings you promote and complete their order.

  • Create campaigns to promote your specials

The campaign feature of FineDine is great for promoting your own specials! If you have a new dessert coming up, create a campaign and place it anywhere you like on your menu. Your guests will never miss a new item or a seasonal deal again.

Learn more about your guests

  • Feedback forms

FineDine helps you collect 75% more feedback than average. Create a feedback form for your restaurant to learn what guests think of your dishes and service quality. Ask for their contact information to learn who they are. Thank them for their nice comments and take action toward negative comments immediately. 84% of diners come back to a restaurant if their negative comment is responded to immediately. Ask the right questions and never lose another customer!

  • FineDine Reports

FineDine collects data for you. The system keeps track of the most & least viewed items as well as sales data. Try new layouts, campaigns and views to see how your numbers change!

Speed up the ordering process

  • Take orders from the app

Streamline your ordering process by taking orders directly from the FineDine app. The orders are sent to the control panel on the web where you can easily manage them. FineDine also integrates with several POS systems and kitchen printers so the orders can be sent to your kitchen & POS system as well.

  • Use different ordering methods

FineDine has several ordering methods. Whether you operate a QSR or fine dining restaurant, we have you covered! Use the kiosk mode to generate automatic ticket numbers, the tabletop mode to mount tablets on each table or the standard system to create tickets for each guest.

Improve the dining experience

  • Inform all guests correctly

FineDine allows you to display all the information you need on the app. You can insert detailed descriptions, calories & prep time as well as ingredient warnings and portion sizes! Use these to your advantage by giving your guests all the information they need to make the best choice for them so there are no bad surprises!

  • Create exciting looks

FineDine’s Design options allow you to create seasonal looks for your menu. Complete the menu with a wintery look for your New Year specials or let the sunny summer weather take over with a bright and colorful look to offer a full experience! Your guests will always have something to look for.