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The food and beverage industry is always changing. Trends shape the industry as customers become more conscious and demanding. Here are a few trends according to NRA that will continue to rise in 2018:

Local and Organic Food

Clean eating and healthy options have become popular in the recent years. This leads to customers demanding fresh and organic ingredients. Whether it’s fresh house-grown herbs, free range poultry or house-made condiments, organic options are in demand. As customers become more informed about the effects of certain preservatives and production methods, they develop new choices and habits which will continue to be the case in 2018.


Diners prefer to eat at environmentally conscious restaurants. Especially millennials are concerned about the waste of food, water and energy which makes sustainability a priority for restaurants. Many restaurants are reducing the use of plastic and paper inside the restaurant and recycling to help the ecosystem. Preferring fresh, local ingredients and switching to reusable energy sources are other ways to improve sustainability.

Vegan, Gluten-Free & Paleo Meals

More people switch to a vegan, gluten-free or paleo lifestyle everyday for their own reasons. And restaurants are catering to these needs. Having these alternative options is an important indicator for a diner when they’re picking a place to eat.

Authentic Recipes

Millennials are always looking for opportunities to try new things. The same goes for the food they eat. Authentic spices and recipes are a great attraction for diners. Ethnic flavors from different cuisines are not going anywhere in 2018 either.