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Spiro’s Lounge in New York has been using Finedine Menu for 2 years now and they say they have benefitted from it in many ways!

Saving Money

Spiro’s cut their cost of updating their menu significantly. Reprinting paper menus is a waste of money. They change the design, update details, add/remove items with a few clicks all by themselves and save a great deal of money!

Saving Time

What’s more important than money? Time! “The biggest change was being able to update and/or change menu items in seconds.” Spiro’s says Finedine Menu saves them a lot of time. They don’t have to wait for an update to be printed -and printed correctly. All of the changes are done in a few clicks and on the menu by seconds.

Images Sell More

“We realized people buy more and they are willing to try new items when they see a picture of it.” they say. Spiro’s has a menu that’s a feast for the eyes first. They increased their sales significantly with the help of mouth-watering images. If you see it you want it!

The Wow Effect

The last thing Spiro’s mentioned is the Wow Effect. “It’s great to give our guests tablet instead of a piece of paper”. First impressions matter. Impress your customers with your menu from the start to make sure they have a great experience. It will keep them coming back, knowing they’re always getting the best.