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Many restaurants use psychological tricks to increase their sales. Finedine Menu offers you a platform to apply all of them to your own restaurant!

Anchor On A Decoy

Anchoring helps restaurateurs highlight the dishes they want. The expensive decoy item in a section makes the rest of the items in the same section reasonable. As Upserve states, people start reading from the top. If you place a decoy item at the top of your menu, your customers view the rest of your menu with the first item in their mind. Their minds anchored to the expensive item, the less expensive dishes suddenly look perfect. The same principle works for portion sizes as well! You can easily test decoy items and decoy prices with Finedine Menu to see which practice works best for you. 

Pay Attention To The Top Right Corner

When presented with a new document, the first spot a person looks at is the upper right corner. Based on Fast Company, the upper right corner is a great spot for the most profitable item as it will certainly be not missed. Reordering your menu on Finedine to figure out which section & item deserves the top right corner of your menu is a piece of cake.

Delicious Photos

A study conducted by the Iowa State University found out that having a picture of a salad increased the consumption of salad by 90% among kids! If a nice photo can get kids to eat more salad, imagine how impressed your customers would be with the mouthwatering photos on your menu. Menu engineer Gregg Rapp states that having a picture alongside a food item increases sales by 30%. Display amazing images -and videos!- on your menu to increase sales.

Mouthwatering Descriptions

Having long, appetizing descriptions on your menu increases sales p to 30%. When you present your dishes with a fancy description, your guests will stop focusing on the price and start imagining how amazing the food will taste. Finedine Menu gives you all the space you need for a tasty description. Using words that stimulate appetite will help you emphasize everything good about your dishes. Terms such as “organic”, “locally-sourced”, “marinated”, “tender” will change the perception of a dish completely. Make all your dishes sophisticated and irresistible by displaying them with tempting descriptions!