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One of the best tactics for restaurants to increase sales is cross-selling. It is based on offering your customers pairings and recommending other items along with their orders. This is usually done by having waiters ask questions such as “Would you like a drink with your order?” but it doesn’t work properly. There are several reasons why this fails.

First of all, the human interaction is never perfect. The waiter or the customer might be having a bad day which would be reflected in their communication. If either one of them is tired or upset, upselling will definitely backfire. Also, when a waiter talks about their suggestions and offers other items, they may seem pushy to some people. This is a very thin line not to be crossed and very hard to be managed. But once the waiter makes a mistake or is misunderstood, the customer experience goes down the drain. Most people tend to avoid this awkward, flawed human interaction and reject the suggestion without even giving it a thought.

The second reason why cross-selling in traditional methods is tricky is that the suggestions are usually too broad. Just offering a salad or a drink is not going to get your customers curious about your suggestions. The more specific the suggestion is, the more likely the customer will buy it. Offering specific side dishes, desserts and drinks will keep your customers interested, but the classic “Would you like a drink with that?” won’t. Since it is impossible for waiters to memorize all the dishes in your menu and list all the possible recommendations to every guest, Finedine tablet menu does that for you. With the recommended items feature, Finedine Menu lets you suggest specific and reasonable items to your customers to utilize cross-selling.

When a waiter makes recommendations to a guest, they are left with their imagination to figure out what that dish is. When you hear “Do you want fries with that?” you imagine simple fries. But when you see hand cut fries with spices served in a great plate with toppings, the game changes. This is exactly what your customers need in order to purchase the fries. But when you have a waiter cross-sell for you, the guests don’t get to see how tasty your dishes look and they don’t crave them. If you recommend items on Finedine Menu, you get to show your guests your delicious pairings and suggestions to which they can not say no to.

Last but not least, there is an important threshold in cross-selling. According to, the key to cross-selling is the Rule of 25. It suggests that the items you offer shouldn’t exceed 25% of the original order to sound logical for purchase. Most of the time, a pairing more than 25% of the original order is perceived too expensive and not purchased. So when you’re making suggestions on Finedine Menu, make sure to consider the Rule of 25 to generate more sales.