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FineDine Tablet Menu does not only offer visually rich digital menu but we also often listen our customers, get their feedbacks and develop new features to improve our app. Take for example our new development Cross-Selling. You can sell recommended side-dishes or drinks which perfectly match with main food. For example, when the guest selects a main dish, recommended side dishes or beverages can be offered through cross-selling. This method helps guests to taste the best combination of items and leave the premise with a smooth feeling in their mouth thereby increasing your sales.

Cross-Selling is particularly a great tool for Café and Restaurants to push their less-ordered items.  These items can strategically be displayed on FineDine Tablet Menu allowing managers/owners to promote them effectively. When the guest selects their main item from the menu, less-ordered side-dishes or beverages can be presented along with the main meal.

Many restaurant or cafe owners advise their staff to make sure that they help customers by recommending side-dishes or beverages. However, like many human beings,  waiters may sometimes forget to recommend additional food or drinks to patrons but thanks to FineDine Tablet Menu’s Cross-Selling feature, your customers would never miss out the recommended dishes or beverages. As a result, they fully enjoy your offers which leads better income for managers/owners.

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