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The colors you use in your menu can make a big difference in the perception of your dishes. It can affect the appetite and willingness to purchase seriously.


The color red increases blood pressure, heart rate and stimulates the metabolism which causes hunger to become dominant over the body. This is why many restaurants use red in their logos and inside the restaurant. As it also causes a feeling of urgency, it may help increase the table turnover which makes it a common choice of fast food chains. It is a great appetite stimulating color but should be used cautiously to not be mixed with a fast food chain.

Orange and Yellow

Orange and yellow are colors highly associated with food. They’re energetic, remind people of many delicious foods and stimulate joy. They are tropical colors representing happiness and creativity which increases brain activity resulting in a big appetite! As they’re both bright colors, they should be used cautiously to not be overwhelming and irritate the eyes.


The color green represents nature, health, and freshness. A great color to promote healthy eating! It has a calming effect which can be associated with trust. Humans connect to the earth tones with a feeling of safety which could help creating positive bonds between your guests and your dishes.

Turquoise is a surprisingly appetizing color. We do not see turquoise in food naturally but it is artificially used in desserts. It is a warm and happy color that spreads positive energy. It reminds people of the tropical ocean which is linked with carefree, cheerful emotions. And what happens when people feel happy? They eat!


Unlike turquoise, blue is not an appetizing color. Even though it is linked to trust and loyalty, it also gives a calm and relaxed energy which decreases the appetite. It is a cool shade that is easy on the eyes and the mind but it slows down the metabolism thus it should be used moderately at the right places, if at all.


The color brown is an earthy color that gives the safe and comforting feel. But when it comes to food, it is not very appetizing. It can help give a healthy and organic look in moderation but it should be used cautiously as the color is often associated with dirt or food that’s gone bad.


Black is a powerful color that is not directly related to food and appetite. It is mostly used in restaurants as an indicator of elegance and prestige. It is a sleek color that helps highlight the colorful details in a menu which makes it very practical. It is a timeless color and can be used effectively to bring out details.


The color white generally has a positive energy. It is highly associated with cleanliness which is a great quality for a restaurant. But it has the possibility to look dull, sterile and boring which are not qualities of a friendly, welcoming environment. If used correctly, it is a great color to promote the cleanliness of the kitchen.