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Food waste has become a major issue in the hospitality industry. According to the UN, food waste is accountable for 8% of the global greenhouse emissions. 22% of all the waste produced by the hospitality industry comes from restaurants. This means that restaurants have to make more sustainable choices in order to reduce the negative effects on the environment and build a stronger business.

About 20% of a restaurant’s waste comes from what’s left on the plate by diners. The Waste and Resources Action Programme states that 34% of the food on a plate is left behind by diners in the UK. And in the US, 55% of edible food is left over at restaurants, by the study of Cornell University Food and Brand Lab.

Restaurants are making efforts towards cutting costs by reducing food waste. WRAP reports that restaurants that invest a maximum of $20,000 in sustainable dining has reduced waste by 26% within the year and over 75% redeemed their investment.

Utilizing digital menus to inform customers better on what’s going to be on their plate could be a solution.

  • Guests can actually see all the content of each plate with detailed descriptions, ingredient warnings, images & videos to avoid incorrect orders.
  • Different portion options can be displayed clearly along with the calories to offer a larger variety.
  • Orders can be modified to remove any unwanted ingredients/sides to reduce waste.

Start investing in reducing food waste and save $7 on operating costs for every dollar invested!