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Selling More with Cross-Selling

March 20th, 2018|

One of the best tactics for restaurants to increase sales is cross-selling. It is based on offering your customers pairings and recommending other items along with their orders. This is [...]

Millennial Food Trends

March 6th, 2018|

Nearly half of millennials (42% of 13-33-year-olds) consider themselves Foodies and they value food and dining in a way that was never done by older generations before. Millennials are shaping [...]

Spiro’s Lounge Saves Money with Finedine Menu

February 22nd, 2018|

Spiro’s Lounge in New York has been using Finedine Menu for 2 years now and they say they have benefitted from it in many ways! Saving Money Spiro’s cut their [...]

The Right Colors to Increase Sales

February 8th, 2018|

The colors you use in your menu can make a big difference in the perception of your dishes. It can affect the appetite and willingness to purchase seriously. Red The [...]

Why Customer Feedback is Crucial For Restaurants

January 24th, 2018|

As the hospitality industry grows and new diners pop up on every single corner each day, customer feedback becomes more crucial to run a successful business. Businesses that understand [...]

Top Restaurant Trends of 2018

January 10th, 2018|

The food and beverage industry is always changing. Trends shape the industry as customers become more conscious and demanding. Here are a few trends according to NRA that will [...]

Benefits of Using a Seasonal Menu

December 26th, 2017|

Keeping up with trends A seasonal menu is a great method of keeping your customers and staff engaged while making more sales. The main benefit of creating a seasonal [...]

Sell More with Cross-Selling

March 3rd, 2017|

FineDine Tablet Menu does not only offer visually rich digital menu but we also often listen our customers, get their feedbacks and develop new features to improve our app. Take [...]

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