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Nearly half of millennials (42% of 13-33-year-olds) consider themselves Foodies and they value food and dining in a way that was never done by older generations before. Millennials are shaping and leading the food industry in new ways with their demands from the industry. Here are some tips to capture the millennial diners:

Give them a story

Millennials value the story of a dish as much as the taste. They want to know how the flavors came together and the inspirations behind it. The authenticity of a recipe is the key to a diner’s heart. Eating is not just about taste anymore, it’s an experience!

Display details

Young adults today have strong health concerns and preferences when it comes to food. Are the ingredients locally produced? Are they organic? Is the dish gluten-free? Is it vegan? Does it contain nuts? There are just too many questions! Finedine Menu’s ingredient warnings allows you to display all the allergens and details about your dishes so your guests can make the best choice.

Include technology

There is a digital transformation in the world and dining trends are no exception. Technology is already an important element in restaurant management and now diners want to see it themselves. Including technology in the dining experience makes it convenient and attractive for millennials. Toast say that 79% of diners agree that technology makes their restaurant experience better, which ultimately results in returning customers.

Make the overall experience count

As dining has become a whole experience, making it memorable from start to end is important. If your guests have a nice experience, they recommend your restaurant to their friends. If your guests have a bad experience, they post it on social media. Collecting meaningful feedback could save you from this. Taking immediate action towards a negative feedback and thanking customers for a positive feedback will get you great reviews from your guests on social media.

Instagrammable everything

Chefs put an effort in making their dishes look as good as they taste and it’s now more important than ever. Everything lives and dies on social media -including food! If your food looks good, it attracts customers. But it doesn’t end there. Millennials want to see what a dish looks like before they order it. Fstoppers says it, “A beautifully executed food image will make the viewer’s mouth water and their stomach rumble!” With attractive, high-quality images your menu will create a curiosity that keeps customers coming back to try more.

As more millennials are becoming active consumers, the millennial effect is inevitable. Get your restaurant on board with Finedine Menu and capture millennial diners by displaying descriptions, ingredient warnings, high-quality images, collecting feedback and improving customer experience.