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FineDine Tablet Menu’s advertising feature allows restaurant owners to host advertisements on Android or iPad menus to generate additional revenue. Many hospitality professionals are utilizing ad feature to cover quickly the initial cost of iPad or android tablets (although iPad and Android tablet prices have reduced significantly over years) and start making extra income.

There are many ads hosting opportunities which can be created with FineDine iPad Menu. Below are just simple advertising ideas that can be created with FineDine Tablet Menu’s ads feature.

Advertising your supplier’s brand

You can advertise your supplier’s brand on your iPad menu

Special Days Promotions on iPad and Android Tablets

Encourage advertisers to advertise on specials days like during Christmas Period, or Valentine’s Day.   Creative ads can be shown on android tablet and iPad menu.

Hosting Nearby Local Businesses’ Ads on iPad Menu

It is possible to establish a mutual business partnership with other local businesses around your premise and host their ads on ipad menu.

Branding on iPad and Android Tablets

Some restaurant suppliers may like to extend their brand awareness via Android tablet or iPad menu to generate additional income. In this example, a wine producer advertises through ipad menu to increase its sales in the restaurant.

Working with E-Commerce Companies

One opportunity working with E-commerce Company is that they can provide discounted promotional ad campaigns for quick online sales.

Host Videos on iPad and Android Menu Tablets

You can add a video to your ad management. Now imagine a travel company advertising a 30 second video ads on your tablet.

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