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Imperio restaurant is located in Capitán Miranda, Paraguay serving their customers a wide variety of food and drinks.

The owner “Laura” started using Finedine Tablet Menu few months ago and quickly noticed the benefits.  She explains the advantages of having FineDine Tablet Menu in her restaurant.

What features do you like the most about FineDine Tablet Menu?

What I like the most about FineDine Tablet Menu’s features is that I can change any item of the menu anytime. For example, if we have an increase in our purchase pricing, we can immediately change the selling price of the products in the menu. More, we have the option of having our menu in many languages, showing appetizing photos of our plates, adding preparation time and descriptions.

What advantages have you seen since switching from paper menu to FineDine Tablet Menu? 

A lot! First of all, like I said, I can change my prices or my menu anytime. I can create multiple menus and use them based on seasons or special occasion like mother’s day. Doing something similar with paper menus would be time and money consuming because it requires reprinting for even small changes on the menu.

If there is an unavailable item on my menu, I am able to hide them and republish when available. I can show attractive images and videos of my products which are quite limited or not possible at all on paper menus.

Have you seen an increase in sales or improvement in customer satisfaction by using FineDine Tablet Menu?

All of my customers are impressed by the FineDine Tablet Menu which is a novelty for them. They like the app very much that they can clearly see how their plate would look like so that they know exactly what they are ordering and also how long would it take to prepare the order.

What else would you like to say about your FineDine Tablet Menu?

FineDine Tablet Menu is amazing. I like it very much because it is very easy to use. My clients are satisfied and fascinated by it. The service provided by FineDine Tablet Menu team is also great. If I have any questions about FineDine Tablet Menu, their response is quick. To sum up, like we all know, the technology in our days are changing the way of doing business so FineDine Tablet Menu brings innovation and value to Café and restaurant businesses.