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In today’s social media–driven world, customers have come to expect to have their voices heard quickly. If this is not taken into account, negative feedbacks can be posted instantly on social media. This can be rather destructive for many businesses.

Customers may be reluctant giving negative feedbacks

Restaurant or café businesses can be hard sometimes. Restaurateurs are often under pressure to retain the high standards. However, as it is said in restaurant business, “You are only as good as the last meal you served.

If customers are not happy with your product or service, they may just leave without providing any feedbacks. Most likely, they may share their negative experience on social media and spread the word to their friends as well. Consequently, a restaurant owner loses valuable customers without even knowing it.

FineDine Tablet Menu feedback management tool can be used for the following reasons;

  • Improve your product quality

Feedbacks are used to discover bad meals so that they can be replaced with a better quality food.

  • Discover and prevent repetitive poor customer service

If your customers are served badly, the feedback tool can help you to realize these problems immediately.

  • Opportunity to fix problems instantly by talking to feedback providers

As soon as the feedback is sent via feedback forms, a restaurant manager or owner can evaluate the feedback and talk directly to customers.

  • Your customers may also want to appreciate your business 

Patrons sometimes love giving you their appreciation about your outstanding service and product.

How FineDine Tablet Menu Feedback Management Works?

  1. Customers feel dissatisfied with the quality or service
  2. Customers fill out the FineDine Tablet Menu feedback forms
  3. Managers receive feedbacks and view them quickly on the menu control panel
  4. Managers solve customers’ problems
  5. Customers leave the venue happier


FineDine Tablet Menu offers many more great benefits. To find out more, visit or sign up for a 30 day FREE Trial.