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Technology benefits hospitality industry in many ways. Take for example tablet menus. Today more restaurants, hotels and cafes are replacing paper menus with tablet menus improving overall dining experience for guests and growing food & beverage sales.

Rich visuals for your products

It’s not always easy to express the flavors of delicacies prepared in your kitchen (OR flavors hidden in your delicacies) through words and names of the ingredients. Paper menus limit you to a few pages because they are usually not adequate to cover the pictures of your entire menu.

Adding the photos of your entire menu into tablets and browsing them through are easy and convenient. Appetizing photos and creative designs on tablet menus greatly market your food and beverages for consumption. Your customers enjoy viewing through beautiful pictures and descriptions of your products which prepares them for the joy of dining. Do they enjoy as much with paper menus?

Up and Cross Selling With Tablet Menus

While waiters are trained to upsell and cross sell, not all staff actually ask for the dessert, side or drink sell. When using a tablet for electronic ordering, you can configure the tablet to automatically prompt customers for additional items based on their selections, making waiters’ jobs easier and helping the restaurant earn more money, as well.

Customer Satisfaction is Under Control

Feedback Management is one of the best features of FineDine tablet menu. With Feedback Management, your customers can promptly send you their feedbacks about your products and service. All they need is to fill the feedback forms and send it via FineDine menu tablet. You can view all the sent feedback forms which allow you to track overall customer satisfaction level and take rapid actions when necessary.

Cost Behind Paper Menus

Although it sounds like tablets are much more expensive than paper menus, this is not the case in the long term. With tablet menus, hospitality managers do not need to reprint paper menus due to damage and adding/removing items or print inserts for nightly specials.

Many restaurants and hotels around the world are using FineDine tablet menu technology to increase sales and enhance the dining experience of their guests. Join our family today and enjoy the benefits.

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