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Making recommendations in your menu is the best way to cross-sell. Finedine Menu has all the tools you need to cross-sell. Every dish has its own combination of flavors and textures and the side dishes should go with it. Here’s our guide to pair main courses with the best side dishes to increase sales.

1.Play with textures

Textures are an important element in dining. Nobody would want to eat a meal with every element mushy like baby food or everything hard and crunchy. That’s why we love dips with chips and nuts & veggies in pasta. The same goes for side dishes as well. If you’re going to recommend a side dish for a soft dish such as pasta or pizza, you can never go wrong with a crisp salad. Your guests can’t say no to your homemade bruschetta with a creamy soup.

2.Complete a nutritious meal

Harvard suggests that ½ of a meal should consist of fruits and veggies, ¼ whole grains and ¼ protein. So pairing a steak dinner with a side of greens is a great way to promote a healthier meal! With Finedine’s cross-selling function, your guests can browse through side options such as roasted veggies and salads to complete their steak dish.

3.Complement flavors

Spices are great. They bring out the flavors of the ingredients and help them come together. But not all flavors go great with each other and it could ruin a perfect meal. So offering your own pairings could not only help you sell more, but it could also save a meal that could be ruined with the wrong sides. If the main dish is spicy buffalo wings, a spicy side will definitely not be great. Instead, you can soften the flavors with a mild side of coleslaw or beans.

4.Mix colors up

Imagine a grilled chicken breast with mashed potatoes and corn cake. Boring, right? Now imagine a grilled chicken breast with bell peppers and a tomato & arugula salad. The plate immediately turned into a feast! Picking the right colors for your sides changes the appeal of the dish completely. You can always pair a steak or chicken dish with a colorful side of salad. It will catch the eyes of your guests can help them visualize how great their meal will look.