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Summer is just around the corner. Everybody’s getting ready for the best season with brand new recipes. Get on board with the most popular dining choices of this summer!

Craving probiotics

Probiotics are a huge part of a healthy diet. But nobody enjoys taking medicine every day. There are many enjoyable and delicious ways of taking probiotics now! Traditional recipes such as kefir and kombucha are making their ways into our everyday diet. They’re refreshing and taste amazing with natural fruit flavors which makes them the perfect drink for the summer!

Plant-based protein

Burgers, kebabs, tacos and even hot dogs are plant-based now! From traditional options such as falafel to the revolutionary faux meat, we see plant-based alternatives on plates in every restaurant. As millennials become more health conscious, the demand for lighter alternatives to animal protein is increasing.

Nut butter to the rescue

As the season becomes warmer, everyone wants to eat fewer carbs and trans fat. They weigh us down and are not great for our bodies anyway. Replacing carbs and unhealthy fat with healthy, natural fat options is a great way to prepare your recipes for the summer! Using nut butter in desserts is gaining more popularity every day. It’s delicious and gives us all the energy we need to enjoy the long summer days. It is best to be cautious of allergies with nuts, check the best way to display ingredient warnings on your menu here.

No more refined sugar

With more research on how refined sugar affects our bodies -especially in large amounts- people are becoming more aware of what they put inside their bodies. And refined sugar is one of the many ingredients getting kicked out off dining tables. Super delicious sugar alternatives are being used in recipes for much healthier versions of the desserts we all love. Dates, apples, stevia, coconut sugar, bananas and honey are just a few examples! Get your recipes up to date with the healthiest trend of the season before it’s too late.