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The FIFA World Cup 2018 is taking place in Russia this year. The event was viewed by 3.2 billion people in 2014. And what do people do while watching a game? They eat! A month full of cheering, munching and excitement!

Local Recipes

There are 32 countries attending the FIFA World Cup, meaning at least 32 delicious recipes from all around the world to offer on your menu! Every country has a unique cuisine filled with different flavor combinations. Spice your menu up with the classics like tacos from Mexico, quiche from France, beer from Belgium or bigos from Poland. The options are endless!

The Classic Shareables

You can never go wrong with classic, hearty snacks. Everybody has room for sliders, buffalo wings, hand-cut fries, chicken tenders, nachos, onion rings and mozzarella sticks -especially if you’re watching a game! Incorporate a few specials and offer them in platters for large groups.

Country Flags

To make your platters more fun, design them as country flags! Serve some sausage, fries, and mussels for Belgium. Whip up a guacamole, salsa and sour cream dipping plate for Mexico. Serve some scones with whipped cream and strawberries for England or create your own. 29 more to go!

Russian food

Since this year’s World Cup is held in Russia, it’s only fair to have some Russian food on the menu. Offer some Russian specials to get into the World Cup spirit with everyone. Some Pelmeni, Pirozhki, Olivier Salad and Blini are great to share while watching a game.