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With the unique views of the Bosphorus, Huqqa houses delicious cuisines from around the world and welcoming its guests with the concept that blends Eastern and Western synthesis.  Huqqa restaurants are operating with a total of 7 restaurants which are located in Istanbul, Ankara, and Bodrum. Huqqa has been using FineDine EMenu over 3 years. We had the privilege to meet Huqqa’s creative Chef Mr. Ismail Ercan Turan and asked him few questions about the benefits of using emenu provided by FineDine EMenu

How do you keep your emenus so enriched? Also, how emenus on FineDine Tablet Menu app could help you to successfully manage such large and multi-language menus?

At our venues, we serve not only local food but also international cuisine with a local touch. We would like our guests to taste and enjoy the variety of food from different part of the world. Therefore, we regularly make changes on our emenus. When we needed to make changes on our menus, I used to be worried about the amount of paper waste but this problem has been prevented thanks to emenus provided by FineDine Tablet Menu. It is simple to amend emenus through a website. We can easily add new descriptions, change photos and even add videos into our emenu. Our emenu is also available in three languages allowing our international guests to be able to fully understand the menus without encountering language barriers.

How important is the presentation of your menu and why do you want to be the leading company in terms of presenting your menu in a fashionable format as well?

Presentations in hospitality industry can get outdated quickly and hence we need to be innovative to be able to keep up with the latest trends. Almost all our products have a unique presentation. In other words, each item is displayed with either high quality photos or promotional videos.

You are in charge of remotely managing the menus of all restaurants. What are the advantages of using emenus on tablets?

If you are running chain restaurants, emenus on tablets are amazingly convenient. Traditionally, we needed to write down all the menus and send them for printing which could take days and hence delays in menu updates. However, it is so simple to manage and control our entire menu. Therefore, we are now able to complete the frequent menu changes in all restaurants within couple of days.

What are the other advantages about using emenus over traditional paper menus?

  • Ability to see social media comments thanks to emenu social media feature
  • Getting feedback forms sent to us directly so that we can take prompt actions
  • High quality visuals. Our products look fantastic on our ipads
  • And saving the trees (and also money) because we are not printing our menus anymore