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Tea Club offers a wide range of teas from all around the world as well as delicious dishes at their exotic locations. Tea Clubs are located in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Qatar. Fayadh Al-Fadhul, Managing Partner of Tea Club kindly shared about their digital tablet menu experience provided by FineDine Tablet Menu.

What features do you like the most about FineDine Digital Restaurant Menu?

We really like quick updates, easy menu management panel, nice looking menu design and customer feedbacks which can be taken from the menu the same day. This saves us time and money.

Working with FineDine Digital Restaurant Menu is simple. Cook > take a picture > edit > upload > publish changes on tablets and enjoy it.

Why did you want to move from paper menus to digital restaurant menu for your chain restaurants?

We used to make new recipes and collect them but we had to wait until the next menu gets updated.  By the time the updates were implemented, we were losing the trends or interest so all our ideas were not coming into life.

However, making a recipe, and updating the menu the same day has become just simple thanks to FineDine Digital Restaurant Menu. Also, receiving quick feedbacks from our customers about new recipes are very helpful for our business because we would know if they like the new dishes or not.

When designing our restaurant menu we used to use many digital programs to make the menu ready and then send it for printing. This process involves a lot of digital workloads and printing drafts. For example, the last paper menu took us 7 months to finalize.

But it is so simple and convenient with FineDine Digital Restaurant Menu. We can now comfortably make changes on the menu whenever we want and our menu stays fresh which allows us to offer a variety of food and drinks for our customers.

Tea Clubs are located in multiple countries. With FineDine Digital Restaurant Menu, we can easily and remotely manage our restaurants’ menus which give us an edge and control over our businesses.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Yes, my customers are much happier with regular updates on our menus and they enjoy having different tastes all the time.

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