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Due to ease of transportation and globalization, travelling industry is growing and more and more tourists are visiting restaurants and cafes in a foreign country. As a result, managers are required to create their menus in multiple languages.

FineDine Digital Menu is a great tool to offer menus in multi-languages. There are so many advantages of presenting a menu in more than one local language.

Impress your foreign customers with FineDine Digital Menu

A digital menu offered in multiple languages provides your guests the details of your menu in their own or comprehended language. Thereby, not only they can see the menu visuals but also they are be able to understand the menu content. This makes them feel comfortable about the food or beverages that they want to order. A well-written translation results in higher customer satisfaction and appreciation.

Prevent customer misunderstanding

Offering a menu with a local language to travellers, who are not be able to understand the descriptions, may lead customer dissatisfaction. This is because some people may have restrictions on their diets due to health or religious reasons. Therefore, multi-language digital menus eliminate confusions and guests order the food that they fully understand.

One big problem of not fully understanding the menu is that a customer may refuse the food due to the restrictions mentioned above and this may cause waste for restaurants and unhappiness for the guests.

FineDine Tablet Menu has allergen warnings so that foreigners can be notified about the ingredients of each food item available on the menu.

Guaranteed customer satisfaction and increased revenue

Multi-language digital menus can improve customer satisfaction. More satisfied customers mean more positive comments on the internet and hence more new foreign customers. Therefore, digital multi-language menu will have a direct impact on revenue.

FineDine Tablet Menu offers 16 + languages

It is super easy to create and manage menus in multiple languages with FineDine Tablet Menu. It is FREE to try for 30 days so sign up now