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Keeping up with trends

A seasonal menu is a great method of keeping your customers and staff engaged while making more sales. The main benefit of creating a seasonal menu is obviously not missing out on trends. But trends change every year if not every couple months. It’s quinoa one day, freak shakes the next day, avocados the other… Mason jars are already outdated, everything is in bowls now! Trying to keep up with this is not sustainable at all with the traditional methods. It’s tiring and costly to create a new menu or even have new items added to your existing menu. Your chef may whip up a new dessert or a cocktail that catches up with the latest trend in a few hours but having it on your menu by the next day is impossible. A real-time and cost-effective solution would get you the dynamic menu you can always change and improve. FineDine Menu allows you to make changes, add/remove items any time without any limits so that you can always have an up-to-date, trendy menu that wins you all the sales.

Limited editions

There are certain food trends and seasonal demands that will always be there: Warm and cozy dishes in the winter, cool and refreshing drinks in the summer. But every year, many restaurants try new flavors and different combinations to capture the most of that season along with all-time classics. When you have a summer menu, this creates a sense of “limited edition” for those items which makes them more desirable for customers. This is the magic behind pumpkin spice lattes being everybody’s favorite drink for a few months every year. When something is seasonal, people want to get as much as they can while it lasts. By having seasonal menus or seasonal items in your menu, you can increase sales through your own “limited” items. You can also mark these with FineDine Menu’s “new” stickers to make them stand out on your menu.


A seasonal menu means new items and changes. And that’s why a it offers something for both your regular and new customers. For the new customers, it’s food that is relevant to the season. They can find the flavors and trends they’re after at your restaurant. It’s a great way to attract new customers to come and try your food -and become regulars eventually.And for your regular customers, seasonal menus offer them new flavors at their favorite place so they don’t have to go anywhere else! FineDine Menu helps you keep all your customers curious and excited about your always up-to-date seasonal menu.

A Fresh Look

A seasonal menu is not just about the food you serve, it’s whole experience! Adjusting the colors in your menu to the season and a new background will give your menu an entirely different look and feel. It is a great way to get your customers interested in your menu. Keep your menu alive by creating themes for your restaurant and celebrating significant seasons with your customers.