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A smooth user experience is the key for a successful digital menu implementation. We’ve been working on our app to improve our user experience over the last year and our new layouts are designed to provide a smooth experience for all users.
Infinite Scroll
The Infinite Scroll layout is designed to have the entire menu on one page and reduce the number of enters/exits to browse different sections. All sections are listed at the top of the menu screen next to each other and the menu displays the items inside the first section upon entering. All your guests need to do is to scroll down in order to see the rest of the menu! They can also select the section they want to view from the top bar and will be directed to that section immediately.
Touch Anywhere to Start!

Now the entire welcome screen can be tapped to enter the menu! We’ve eliminated the menu button to make the design more flexible and easier to use for guests. Now you can place any image & design on the welcome screen and guests can simply touch anywhere to enter the menu. The menu button is still available on the system as a choice so if you prefer to use that, you can easily activate it from the control panel.

Bigger Fonts

We’ve placed the bigger font option inside the menu at the top right corner to make it more accessible for your guests. If anybody has any issues with reading the text on the app, they can simply tap the bigger font button inside the menu and the texts will become larger immediately. You can turn this back by tapping on the option again.

Campaign Banners

Campaigns are a great way to promote dishes and increase sales. We’ve made some improvements on our campaigns module as well, to make it more user friendly. If you place a campaign inside any section, it is displayed at the top of the section as a banner at all times. This allows guests to browse through the menu easier without being interrupted and makes sure that all guests see the campaign. You can use this module to promote a new dish, a holiday special, a local producer you’re working with or anything else you can think of! 

List View with Pictures

Our list view was primarily for displaying sections with no item images. We’ve incorporated the list view into the new Infinite Scroll layout so that it is in sync with the rest of the menu. And the best part is you can insert images for some items and leave the rest without images! The list view will display the items with and without images together for a continuous menu experience.

Nutrition Facts

Previously, the app only displayed the calories of an item and each modifier. Now, you can insert much detailed nutrition information for each item as you feel necessary. These include the serving size, daily recommended intake, calories, macros and much more. 

Easier Theme Creation!

Our design module allows you to create multiple themes and switch between them easily as you need. We’ve compiled the customizable elements in each design under 3 main colors and made it much easier to create a new theme. Now, you can simply select 3 colors for text, background, and highlight which will create the basis of your theme. If you feel the need to customize further, you can always go into advanced settings and change colors for each individual element.